Why Concrete Driveways Are Best

When it comes to building a driveway for your home, there are various materials you could go with. Most commonly, driveways are paved with bricks. You could also have a driveway covered in tarmac. However, as concrete contractors in Christchurch, we advocate for a concrete driveway as we believe this is easily the best option.

Here are some reasons why a concrete driveway is the best kind of driveway you can get.

No Weeds

Where a driveway is paved, the gaps between the bricks are prone to weed growth. Anyone who has previously dealt with paving knows this is an ongoing nuisance that must be dealt with regularly by spraying weed killer on the paving.

Weed killer is not only expensive but it is also not eco-friendly. Weed growth will also cause the paving to become uneven, leading to you having to repave, which is costly and time-consuming. When you build a driveway out of concrete, there are no gaps through which weeds can grow, so this no longer becomes a problem for you.

Easier To Clean

Concrete driveways are also far easier to clean. When cleaning a paved driveway, dirt often gets caught between the bricks, making it difficult to root out. With a paved driveway, the grouting between the bricks also often crumbles, so the driveway always feels dusty and dirty no matter how much you sweep and blow it.

A concrete driveway, on the other hand, is easy to keep clean because it is one smooth surface. Therefore, nothing can get caught between cracks.

It Lasts Forever

Brick-paved driveways don’t last long at all before they need to be repaved and fixed up. After only a few years, brick driveways tend to become uneven, with bricks coming loose and leaving gaps that need to be repaired.

Tarmac driveways last a bit longer; however, the lifespan of tarmac is nowhere near the lifespan of concrete. A well-poured concrete driveway that has been sealed and treated properly can be durable enough to last a lifetime. Many concrete driveways are still in good condition after 30 to 50 years, whereas tarmac driveways tend to deteriorate and require refurbishing well before the 30-year mark.

For expert concrete contractors in Christchurch, contact us at Riverstone Concrete and let us build you a driveway that will last a lifetime.