The Effects of Subdivision Construction Plans

A study by Michigan State University revealed that good landscaping could increase the perceived value of a home by 5 to 11 percent. And that makes sense. The first thing anyone notices about a home is the front yard since that’s the first thing you lay your eyes on.

If you’re planning to upscale your front yard and are looking for creative and unique ideas that are simple to implement, here are some that might come in handy.

Rock Features

Adding rocks to your front yard landscaping helps add texture to the entrance rather than being alike. Consider adding stones and rocks to break up the overall profile into segments. This makes the entrance appear aesthetically appealing and gives an illusion of a bigger surface area.


Landscaping lights might look expensive, but in reality, they are super affordable, with many designs being solar-powered. This allows homeowners to choose from various styles and colours and stick them into the ground for a subtle yet powerful effect. It can be put around the ground, near the staircase, around the pool, or all of them. Just make sure you don’t go overboard, as it might take away the main point of being subtle.

Upgrading the Bed Border

Did you know that sometimes it’s the little things that create a major difference in the overall appearance of your front yard? For example, upgrading something as little as the border of the flowerbed can completely alter the aesthetic of your front yard. We highly recommend adding a concrete and block border as it’s durable and looks elegant too.

Ground Covers

Let’s be real; nothing in this world is flawless. But the good part is that when it comes to your front yard, you can easily hide these areas using ground covers. There are many ways of doing so, such as using greenery, adding rocks and decoration, using garden accessories, etc.

Shrubs For Your Front Yard

Adding shrubs such as hydrangeas or Azaleas can add a blast of colour to your front yard since these plants bloom all year long. Year after year, they will continue to brighten up your front yard with little to no maintenance required. And the best part is, they are quite inexpensive. However, they do take up quite a chunk of space. Therefore, it’s best to check with a garden expert before you choose to plant it.

Huge garden with concrete designs and trees

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