Money-Saving Tips: Residential Landscaping on a Budget

Putting some effort into enhancing your landscape can have several benefits. It doesn’t only increase your property’s value but also improves your mental well-being. Spending time at a well-maintained colourful yard with plants and nature makes one feel refreshed and reduces stress and anxiety simultaneously.

Landscaping doesn’t necessarily require spending a million dollars. You can landscape on a budget and beautify your yard while saving money. Riverstone Concrete offers reliable and cost-effective decorative concrete landscape services and concrete foundation repair services in Christchurch. Consult with their team to learn more!

Here are some tips for you to avoid unnecessary landscaping costs:

1.     Reducing Lawn Size

Make sure you make a yard plan and choose a few functional areas to grow plants and landscape. This will save you a lot of time and enable you to give attention to all the areas without recruiting external help for its maintenance.

You can reduce the lawn size by getting rid of the grass and simply replacing it with landscape fabric or dressing up the area with furniture or other garden accessories of your choice. To stay on a budget, make sure to replace it with something low-maintenance like plants from a retailer or inexpensive ground covers. 

2.     Soil Test

A soil test will prevent you from saving a lot of money on unneeded additives. Once you identify what nutrients the soil lacks, you can buy the exact additives that’ll help optimise soil fertility.

3.     Organic DIY Compost

Another way to reduce landscaping costs is to make your own compost.

You can easily compose kitchen and garden wastes and use them as organic matter. Mixing organic compost can help retain the right amount of water and nutrient for plants. It will also improve the soil’s aeration and tilth. Instead of buying compost bins, try DIY-ing compost with materials like dry leaves, bark chips, or coffee grounds.

4.     Water Conservation

Landscaping on a budget goes beyond investing in cheaper plants, additives, and fertilisers. Water is a valuable commodity, and some plants need more water than most. You invest in drought-tolerant plants that will help reduce your water bill and save a lot of time.

An automatic irrigation system can also be installed for timely irrigation whenever the plants require water and significantly reduce landscaping costs. 

5.     Inexpensive Fertilisers and Containers

If you have a small yard, consider container gardening. If you invest in inexpensive containers and plant them yourself, you can save a lot of money. Cemetery logs are often used as containers as well.

Moreover, instead of spending a lot of money on fertilisers, you can build a compost bin, use organic fertilisers, and feed your plants for free.

Man in green t-shirt weed whacking

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