Ideas for Your Concrete Patio

In recent years, concrete has been used more and more in different parts of the home, including patios. Thanks to advances in technology, there are many different finishes, gradients, and levels of sheen that can be achieved. A rise in the “industrial” home decor trend can also be thanked for the rise in concrete’s popularity.

Concrete proves to be a superior material for patios as it looks sleek, is resistant to all types of weather conditions, and is a lot more affordable than other materials. Overall, a concrete patio is an excellent investment for your home, and you’re bound to get a lot of use out of it.

As experts in concrete paving in Christchurch, we provide you with some ideas that you can implement when it comes to your concrete patio.

Incorporate Pigments

Concrete does not necessarily have to be grey. There are a wide variety of beautiful earth tones that can be achieved when it comes to concrete. Have a look at the options available and refer to your home’s colour palette to make the optimal decision.

Bring in Some Warmth with an Outdoor Rug

One drawback that concrete can have is that it has the potential to feel quite cold underfoot at times. But it is easy enough to bring in some warmth by introducing an outdoor rug. Bring in additional cosy elements by adding outdoor furniture with throw cushions and blankets, which will allow you to entertain no matter the weather.

Create Cohesion by Introducing Another Concrete Element

Create cohesion in your garden by adding another concrete element, such as a statue, fireplace, or fountain. This will tie your design together, especially if concrete doesn’t appear anywhere else throughout your home.

Stencil Designs

Stenciling a design onto your concrete and using paint is a great way to add a bit more of an interesting dynamic and even give the illusion of tiles or some other type of flooring material. If you are creative, your options are endless.

Use an Interesting Shape

Your concrete patio does not need to be a big square block. There are many shapes that can be achieved, and concrete looks great when paired with organic lines.
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