How to Breathe New Life into a Dull and Neglected Outdoor Space

Your home should feel like home even before you enter it. It must possess that comforting vibe when you step out of your vehicle after a long and tiring day at the office. The homeownership rate in New Zealand is currently at its lowest in the last 70 years. So, if you have a place you call home, make sure it feels like home—and it all starts with the home exterior.  Whether it’s the natural greenery or the concrete finishing, a good landscape goes a long way for enhancing your curb appeal and, ultimately, the home’s resale value.

The Value of a Beautiful Home Exterior

Kiwis are known to keep a loose hand for spending in home renovations but often overlook the landscape and the exterior aesthetics of their homes. We believe the exterior is important for the value of your property regardless of your endeavours to sell it or to keep it for years.

There are numerous things a homeowner can do to boost their home exterior.  Landscaping or remodelling a backyard may be vital for monetary advantages, but it also comes with the benefits of a healthier environment to breathe in, more comfortable living space, protection, and privacy.

Landscape Changes that Give The Best Bang for Your Buck

We believe the landscape of your house is a reflection of your personality. There’s so much that you can do to beautify the look of your home, including planting trees, concrete landscaping, adding prominent tools and features, a decorative concrete driveway, and so much more—depending on what you like and what the aesthetic design of your house speaks to you.

Following are some of the ideas that we think will help in making your house the eye-candy of the street:

Outdoor Living Area

It’s unquestionably kiwi of us to enjoy a nice, sunny day in the outdoor spaces of our homes. As much as we love a serene and calming outdoor space—the potential buyers love it as well and are willing to pay extra just for this feature.

Some nice and cosy wood benches, a small pond or a fountain, or a BBQ area can double the aesthetics of your house.

Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are pretty worthwhile investments if made in the right place. A good-looking, modern door and pleasing window frames can boost the look of your house exponentially. It’s also vital that you keep these features crystal clean for a beautiful house facelift.

A Concrete Patio

A patio is a great investment that complements the entire design of your home. Creative concrete paving is so much more than just throwing a solid slab in as a driveway—and the professionals have the right materials and ideas to install what goes perfectly with the overall appeal.

a street of houses with beautiful driveways

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