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We’ll get the job done on time, and at a very good quality.


At Riverstone Concrete, we are here to offer the whole package. With our experienced earthworks team, we can complete any size of earthworks jobs, from ribraft or 3604 floor foundations, to site scrapes, and more!

We have years of experience in earthmoving in Christchurch. With that experience comes the in-depth knowledge of exactly what it takes to complete an earthworks job the right way, while maintaining a safe working environment at all times. We believe that being properly prepared plays a key role in the success of earthworks in Christchurch.

Earthworks in Christchurch involve loosening, removing and handling quantities of earth within the construction process. We carry out earthworks or earthmoving to flatten out an area, providing a level surface upon which structures can be built. Earthworks take place to level out land in order to build:

  • Foundations for buildings and other structures
  • Roadways
  • Patios and terraces
  • Railway beds
  • Dams and levees
  • And more

Earthworks can be carried out on projects of various sizes. Riverstone Concrete tackles every project with the same determination and commitment to quality, whether moving earth to build the perfect patio or large-scale earthworks to flatten the land for what will eventually become a big commercial building.

We endeavour to complete a thorough survey of the area before any machinery is even considered. By understanding the land and the precise specifications of the job, an optimised plan can be put in place. With the right tools, technology and expertise, we calculate and map out the most efficient earthmoving strategy. No matter the size of the project or how great the challenge is, Riverstone Concrete implements the right planning and control to ensure outstanding quality from the very beginning.

Once the best plan has been made, we come in with the best machinery and a well-trained team of qualified professionals to execute the plan quickly and effectively. We handle the entire process, from planning to the removal of earth to ensuring the removed materials are transported to an appropriate location.

We’ll get the job done on time, and completed to the highest standards.

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